Android-x86 4.0.4 ICS RC2 Installations on Netbooks, Laptops, Flash Drive and VirtualBox (Enable ARM Apps Compatibility)

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The Android-x86 project is to provides Android operating system that can be installed and runs on netbooks, laptops or tablets. Recently, they have released the Android-x86 4.0.4 RC2 which is based on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich with bug fixes and supports more drivers. The most interesting key features of all is the ability to run ARM translator.

Changes in Android-x86 4.0.4 RC2 (since Android-x86 4.0-RC1):

  • Kernel 3.0.36 with more drivers and bug fixes.
  • Enable Dalvik JIT compiler support.
  • Support some 3G modem.
  • Ready to run arm translator. (You still need to install Intel's libraries)
  • Physical keyboard layout selection.
  • Support two cameras.
  • Fake SD card is replaced by internal storage support.

AMD Brazos, Asus laptops/tablets and EeePC family, Lenovo S10-3t tablet, Tegav2, IBM thinkpad tablet, HP tx2500 are officially supported and tested platforms but Android-x86 should works on other computers. The supported hardware list can be found here.

Android-x86 4.0.4 RC2 live and installation iso

The installation process of Android-x86 4.0-RC2 is straightforward and exactly same with its previous release which I had wrote in older blog posts. You may refer to the posts below for various Android-x86 installations:

(Note: make sure you choose to install /system directory as read-write during installation)

After successfully installed Android-x86 4.0-RC2, you need to install Intel's libraries from Buildroid manually in order to get Android-x86 to run ARM applications:

  1. Download and put to /system/lib/
  2. Download and put to /system/lib/
  3. Download arm libs, extract the archive and put to /system/lib/arm/
The outcome same as what I have tested on the Buildroid running ARM apps. The Angry Birds Space game in my test was slow. Not all ARM apps will work or work accordingly after applying these 3 Intel's libraries above. But after applying these libraries will enable the Android-x86 platform to have a wider range of apps selection to install from Google Play Store/Android Market.

Android-x86 4.0.4 ICS RC2 Installations on Netbooks, Laptops, Flash Drive and VirtualBox (Enable ARM Apps Compatibility):等您坐沙发呢!


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